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Universal floor for cottages 18 mm - 3m2  package - Impregnated Expand

Universal floor for cottages 18 mm - 3m2 package - Impregnated

ALTANKA p.s.a.ALTANKA p.s.a.

POD05  | 5905186499998


Wooden floor POD05 dedicated for cottages, colour brown, for self-assembly. 

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The set consists of 14 dried, impregnated wooden boards. When assembled, they create a wooden floor with an area of 3m2. The boards are compatible and are joined together using a tongue and groove method (one board fits into another). This helps to avoid unevenness, creating a smooth floor surface.

We are the manufacturer of wooden garden houses, carports, tool sheds, wooden garages and garden pools. We guarantee high quality materials, precise workmanship and solid construction.


- High quality

- Sturdy finish

- Solid and resistant construction for years


  • Doors and filling (m): 2,40
  • House floor thickness (mm): 18
  • Impregnated: Yes
  • Type of protection: vacuum pressure impregnation
  • Colour: brown


Size of the package: 240x30xH.13 cm

Package weight: 40 kg  

All the necessary components for assembly, along with instructions, will be included in the package. Everything is securely packaged for your convenience.


The offered product POD05 is impregnated in an autoclave using the pressure-vacuum method (one of the most durable and effective methods) with products from KORA® "Kurt Obermeier Raumland" - a leader in wood protection products. Impregnation enhances the wood's resistance to mold, fungi, and insects, making the product more durable.

The service life (impregnation durability) can last up to 15 years if we remember to refresh and maintain it with the appropriate products as needed but no less frequently than every 2 years. It's important to note that wood is a living material, so it's natural for it to respond to changes in temperature and humidity.

The change in wood colour and its structure depends on the conditions in which it is stored and does not affect its quality. The product has a brown colour close to natural, but there is an option to paint it in a different colour if desired.

(!) The product may contain glued elements (e.g., finger-jointed and others).


- Tongue and groove jointed, impregnated, beveled on the edges - length 2,40 m x width 9.9 cm x thickness approximately 1.8 cm - 14 pieces.

- Impregnated baseboard: length 2,40 m x height 4.5 cm x thickness 1.3 cm - 2 pieces.

- Impregnated floor joist: 2,40 m x 5.8 cm x 2.8 cm - 4 pieces.

- Necessary fittings: nails, screws, flat bars, angles.

The floor installation, along with the product's included instructions, is straightforward and should not pose major difficulties.

Doors and filling (m) 2,40
House floor thickness (mm) 18
Impregnated Yes
Type of protection vacuum pressure impregnation
Colour brown
Pallet dimension (width x depth x height cm) 30x240x13
Warranty time (years) 2
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